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The Yoga House

Kindness, gratitude, journaling & meditations for the whole family.
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Ashtanga Yoga

Hi, I'm Jesse! A mama, yogi, wife & author.

Jesse is a mama of two kids (Maddie, 8, & Samuel, 6), a wife, a published author, and a Pilates and yoga instructor in sunny California. Jesse fell in love with Pilates and yoga when she was in college at USC; the combination of both practices changed how she felt in both her body and her mind. After she graduated, she began taking any training she could to learn more about Pilates and yoga, and soon thereafter, she started teaching. Jesse has been an instructor now for 14 years.

Jesse's kids were her inspiration to write The Yoga House. When her daughter has a difficult time falling asleep, she always says, ”Breathe with me.” One night, after she read her a nighttime meditation from one of their yoga books, she began writing a meditation for her; It was a cozy little gift for both Maddie and Samuel at night time. The story of The Yoga House was dreamt up after that meditation she wrote.  Jesse wanted to share the sweet simple values of kindness, love, gratitude, and being exactly who you are, unapologetically. She wanted her kids to be able to hold something special she created for them, that can be shared with other families and brought into their homes, too.


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